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Why You Need To Love Yourself


Why You Need To Love Yourself


An Introduction:

A lot of people don’t know or realize that they are very special; and it is sad to say this. However, in this post, the Lord had asked me to throw light (or to share) with you, on how that each one of you is that special, but might not have allowed this phenomenon to cross your mind or might not simply have known it this way.

Now, with these 3 simple points, I am going to share with you how special you are as the Spirit of the Lord had shared with me.


A) Know That You Are Greater Than All That Is In Hell:

Do you know you are greater than the Devil?

He was created as a Cherub in Heaven and was God’s messenger; this means, He was a servant in that heavenly House and so men were greater than Him. However, when men sinned against God, He came on top of man (in the ranking). This, God dreaded, and decided to save us and then make us come back on top of Him; not only Him, but to be on top of all His angels, who are His cohorts.

So, Jesus Christ fulfilled this when He saved us from sin-that evil power that made all Hell, including Satan, rise over you.

Today, you are greater than anyone or anything in the Kingdom of Hell or of Darkness, because you have been carried and lifted above their realms, to eventually indicate that you are that special, above all things that are called darkness. Hallelujah!

So then, you were told not to live any longer, in that life that will demotes this heavenly specialty of your New Life, in God!



B) You Are Greater Than All That Were Created On Earth.

Do you realize, this doesn’t over there? Now, do you also realize that, there is nothing absolutely on earth, which is greater than you?

God had said (from the beginning), that He had created the earth and had given it to us sons of men.

Now, in that beginning, He had created this beautiful earth and would want us all to have dominion over it.

This here means that, you are exceedingly far above everything that exists in it-which includes the universe which houses it. The Universe was created by God and it was given to the sons of men.

Have you thought about it? How can all these priceless gifts be given to men and not to angels? So, in this wise, does that not shows how special we are, or unfolds our specialty? This had indicated that, God, in His reigns, thought a great deal about us. We are all, no matter our looks, were designed and created in the image and the likeness of Almighty God!


C) Equally, You Are Greater Than All That Is In Heaven Above; Except God.

Last, but not the least, you may not have equally realized that, everything else in heaven is less-greater than us, all.

So, this means that, we are not just greater than the earth, these planets, their stars, their moons and even over their clouds, nor over the Great Demon and over each one His demonic hosts, but equally special than all the living and non-living things in God’s Heaven.

Do you realize we are greater to angels, pricier than the Temples in Heaven, including all the gems and pearls that make up the courts and the realms of Heaven? God alone is the only One who is greater to us in Heaven.

This came about because He had created us in His Image and Likeness (ways of functioning) for us to be like Him.

Thus, we are the greatest persons, after Him, in that Heavenly Temple. In fact, in bodily form, we are His greatest and unique temples of all.


The Conclusion:

This Is Why You Need To Love Yourself;

In fact, each one of us is created differently, to make it more beautiful! For that reason, there is no one like you, nor ever will! We’ve been created beyond description; we must love yourself and live by that great knowledge.

There shouldn’t be a time you’d conclude that you’d want to take your life, after seeing how special, in you are.

Secondly, people’s opinions about you should not matter to you. This is because, you are more special in that uniqueness than what any soul can think of. However, this also brings us into that understanding-which is why you need to love your maidservants, your father, mother, sister, even the sinner (and save him or her, as God had done), not to ever be a racist, and to love the black man, the white man, including the strangers and each and every man around you-because, they’re special. God had made all men special, for they are all in the image and likeness of God. (Love this world so, for that matter!)

Also, when working for men (humans), work and serve them as THOUGH YOU ARE WORKING FOR GOD.


You don’t have to kill nor murder men or people; nor to steal from them, or to sin against them in whichever way it may be, just so that their dreams are never being hindered from being fulfilled, before Heaven!

We’re completely special; even Hell, cannot buy us!

When we find ourselves in their hands, then it means, we gave ourselves freely onto them.

We are all special, and nothing on this earth or in this universe, can buy you nor quantity you.

So, scripture says;


For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Eph. 2:10 ESV.


Thank you.

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