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The Evidence of God’s Involvement In The Creation Of The Universe

The Evidence of God’s Involvement In The Creation Of The Universe

If the universe is a ‘system,’ then the universe will have an intelligent ‘designer’ (from the soulish realm-where intelligence is coded). Hence, there might be a soulish being of the Soulish realm knowing something about the universe.

We cannot depend on mere physical energies like a physical Big Bang energy creating the souls and spirits of men and animals-of which physical energies can’t create.

It is well noted that the Universe is made up of three (3) complete component types of materials or energies, not one. We have soulish force (the Soul), physical forces, and spiritual force (Your Spirit). So why has the Big Bang not given credit to the development of spiritual and soulish forces of this life, which are a part of the universe, and can’t be taken out of the equation? We do have a soul and a spirit, don’t we? As well as each of these animals circulating around!

Did Darwin have a soul and spirit for thinking? Absolutely he did, or he would not also would have had a conscience to think. He should have had explanations to how the Big Bang energy created these invisible properties of his body, called the Soul and the Spirit, by which he became complete. Unless He would tell us, that the Big Bang or these physical energies before time had spiritual and soulish components or properties in them too to create these souls and spirits of men and animals. Absolutely, Darwin’s theories, had some lapses. Indeed, the involvement of the Soul and the Spirit should be proven by that form of assumed Energy.

So, by logic, we are saying that, unless the Big Bang energy has soul-like and spirit-like properties in it which can create the soulish and spiritual energies of such creatures such as men and animals, who are also very importantly part of the universe, it cannot create the Universe and the creatures in the 3-dimensional forms or qualities, they have.

Then also, if that form of Energy or Power, brought about these invisible qualities of a soul and a spirit too, then it should have inherently carried these important soulish components, such as desire, emotions, behaviour, thoughts and will; and spiritual intelligence such as conscience and purpose, as well as motives, which are also found in man, as well as in animals; ( in fact such behaviours are also seen in other elements of the universe too; like plants).

Thus, this should mean that, if the factor of a soul and should come in, even by Darwin’s Evolutionary and Big Bang Theories, then there will certainly be a God-factor or the divine being in it, because of the Soul Involved (where Intelligent designs are coded), and as well as the Spirit, which would be involved, where Conscience (Systematic Arrangement of Refined Laws), Decisions and Motives or Purpose are fully created. These must be possessed by a Living Being, with Capable Intelligence, and with Components, and to even go around or move. With Laws in place, an Intelligent Working Design, and with also, a motive in place, an Intelligent Working Universe can be created, by the energies of a 3-dimensional Design Power, that could only exist, not a presumed power that has none of these  components.

Of a truth, most scientists have not realized this, that the constituents of the universe are not just made up of only physical energies and components, but as well as psychical energies of the Soul and the Spirit, which are also importantly part of the universe. After all Psychologists, who’re also a part of the scientific body, have also told us of that as well. So, this should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Hence, whatever energy created the universe must of necessity have soulish and spiritual energies or properties as well, because we see these in many creatures on earth (at least, you and I possess one: do we all not?)

Secondly, I believe that when you die, the world that your spirit or soul goes to is rather much more powerful. Your life is in your spirit, because when your spirit leaves your body; the body profits nothing. Certainly, we leave it here, then the Soul and the Spirit vanishes. In order words, the body couldn’t have moved, if the soul as well as the Spirit of the man, is not in you (your body).

Thus, in your soul is your life, which holds your body to live on earth. When your soul departs from your body into the Spirit realm your body cannot live.

Therefore, Life started there in the soulish or Spirit realm. And that is what we is saying that there is a God there, the hidden God who has now revealed Himself to us, an Intelligent Designer in the Spirit or soulish realm, who has supernatural energies to create the universe as well.


The kind of nature that Form of Energy that Created the Universe must qualify to have.

This then means that that beginning energy or power which had created the Universe should be a three-dimensional entity, having a spiritual energy body or component, soulish energy or component, and a spiritual energy body or component, as long as these components  exists with us today,  to give them the reason why they all should live today.

So, in short, that form of Energy or Power, since it has physical energies, soulish energies, and spiritual energies, should be a living entity, in whose glory or form, men and beasts and all other elements have taken their 3-dimensional nature or qualities, that is, in whose form we’ve all been modelled out of to have the same properties to form our lives (not only the physical aspects.)

In order words, it would not just be a mere physical Power or Energy, since it as well creates some component souls and spirits!

That Power would therefore fall in the class of an Intelligent POWER, because of its Soul, whom we will first call our ‘glory’, that is, (the glory of a 3-dimensional Energy-Body), through which we have all been created to have these specific qualities: and this Intelligent Creator, which has all these 3 forms of energies, is what we are going to call, our God.

However, we fully know of a God-who is an Intelligent Power-who created both the souls of men and the spirits of men, as well as all physical energies, just as Himself and said He did it according to His own glory, as far as the book of creation, is concerned and as far as many of His posts here are concerned.

In fact, here is why, the Bible also calls Him, the Father of Our spirits, according to Heb. 12:9 (NLT), as spoken by Paul-God’s Apostle. It says;


”…Shouldn’t we submit even more to the discipline of the FATHER (Source) of Our Spirits and live…?”


And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a LIVING SOUL (component souls).

Gen. 2:7 KJ 2000B


In view of how we took His shape (component parts), the Book of Creationism says;

So GOD created mankind in His own image (in His Component Parts or Glory); in his own image God created them; he created them male and female.

Gen. 1:27 ISV


In the following scriptures above, we are told God created the Soul of Man. This was after He had created the Earth (a physical-energy-component) and had moulded man from the dust of the ground. Then we were also told here that, He created our spirits-to become the Father of our spirits, a title which means, The Origin or Source of our spirits, as well. We see all these 3 forms of energies to form humans, animals, as well as other important creatures part of the systematic universe.

So, you can see it clear in your hands.

In addition, apart from the Big Bang Energy, but in respect of Evolution, when have we all ever beheld in life, a monkey-also with these 3 parts-body, soul and spirit) metamorphosing into an advanced specie of a man-when like its senior father the Big Bang, has no soulish or spiritual powers to make those components we need? Seriously, has a tree ever turned into a dog, ever? So, what we see in the larvae is only a growth process which all other creations uniquely go through as far as the theory of Uniqueness, is of great concern.


The Esoteric Meaning of the Word or Title ‘God.’

I was surprised when the Lord explained to me, the meaning of ‘God.’ Do you know the meaning of God? The word is actually a title which means ‘an Energy or Power or Force. ‘ In other words, He’s actually-and thus, metaphorically-‘This Big Bang Energy,’ they’re talking about, with a 3 (three) dimensional nature-or a body, a soul, and spiritual energies, which has the power to create those  inclusive components, of the universe.

Thus, ‘God’ being that Intelligent Power, created us in His own Image (Glory); according to His own Likeness; indeed, male and female He had created us all! This is because we will definitely take His form or Glory-as we explained above.

Not only is God the Great Father, but also, a God who has these 3-dimensional qualities by nature, and we have been told that we all, the plants, animals, men, the globe, the geographical earth, as well as the universe have all been created according to the Father’s three-dimensional glory, that is according to these, soulish, physical and spiritual components or qualities. Remember, He’s a God with reason and intelligence, and so made us to bear living souls, like Himself!


And the LORD GOD formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a LIVING SOUL.

Gen. 2:7 KJ 2000B

So God(A Supernatural Power Entity) created man in his own image (Glory); in his own image God created them; he created them male and female.

Gen. 1:27


(In many posts here, the Lord, showed me how He had designed and created the Universe, with everything in it, according to His Glory (that is, according to His Image and Likeness). These revelations had come out of divine encounters, when He caused my soul to understand.

Not only that, but He has also revealed a detailed master plan of His glory (His Image and Likeness) through the pattern of a 3-dimensional tabernacle, which He gave to Moses, through which He had created all these living and non-living things, as well.

These are the new Mysteries God has brought out of His bag, out of His golden book of divine knowledge.

(Note that, the fact that there is so much suffering in the world doesn’t indicate that God does not exist). I think we are surely not ignorant anymore. Much has been told us about how human suffering came about, which we saw that it has never been an act of His doing. However, the reason why men are suffering is because of men’s absolute lack of understanding.

Its based on our mere ignorance.

Thus, let’s be honoured and feel appreciated that we have in the Glory of the Father. (I also explained how God also came out into life here. Check it out here.

Thus, in view of this, we are to be convinced, that God created the Universe, not by some some human wishful theories, where there are absolute limitations, called either Evolution or Big Bang, yet, where the soul and the spirit components of the one who brought the theory, Darwin silently and perfectly bears witness, that there is this Intelligent Power, we all belong to.

Thus, Everything Was Based On Creationism And On The Powers Of God, Including The Life Of Our Souls, Even From Day One-Not On Evolution Nor On A Wishful Big Bang.


God Bless You.

Prince Akogo.


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