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The Mystery of The Family: The Role & Purpose of The Family


What is the role of the families? It has been misplaced. God now lays to us, the roe of the families which He created from the beginning. This book is brought from the author of The Mystery of Marriage, from 11 years of divine encounters, and in his experiences God showed him the Mystery of The Family: The Role & Purpose of The Family. Buy Now, To Get The Exact Knowledge


Lots of love to you-This is a ‘sequel’ to the first book Prince wrote on marriage. The content of this will be understood if one should read Prince’s first material, ‘‘The Mystery of Marriage,’’ though on a larger ground, you can be read this nice piece its own.

The Mystery of the Family, is the decoded information from Christ, which we need, in order to completely shape, rebuild or resolve our world’s family matters.
The source of this material had come out of several encounters, where the author had the privilege to visit heaven, met God and Christ, after which He was divinely given understanding on several of God’s Mysteries and Secrets which of course includes this very one.

The book is a book that reveals how God had expected our family systems to be, and how our societies and governmental leaders should have fully and strategically embrace the family structure or system for complete social and economic development, of their countries.

Well, the wellness of the family or of the individual marital structure affects the well-being of a nation or a society at large! It’s a book from the divine source, that shows the road to national development, as a result! Thus, the wrong structures of the family and the marital systems have potentially caused the downfall of nations, families, societies or individuals even for centuries! This actually started when the family system was ruined from it’s very beginning by the touch of Error or the first Sin.

The damages are too much and God had also chosen to reveal that fruit of that mystery around this time, including the mystery of marriage, to reduce human or pending societal suffering. It is time for a good divine expose, which will go a long way to help our world, at large.

As you fetch out the content of this beautiful book, you should start supporting your families by it, for the maximum productive output it brings.

GOD PRESENTS TO YOU AND I, THE MYSTERY OF THE FAMILY! Beside this mystery is the secret for economic development; It’s a book for every human being, and for the nations.


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