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Who Owns The Tabernacle? God Reveals The Glory Of His Son Through The Tabernacle

Who Owns The Tabernacle? God Reveals The Glory Of His Son Through The Tabernacle


At one point, when Jesus was asked to perform a miracle, He said, ‘He’ll destroy ‘this temple, and raise it up in 3 days,’ referring His body. Meaning that, He recognizes that, He was a Temple.

And now, Jesus is a temple.


Jesus, answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.”

They replied, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?”

But the temple he had spoken of was his body.

John 2:19


Moreover, just after God had brought the Jews out of Egypt, into the wilderness, in one of those days He instructed the Jews to settle around His tabernacle; so that three (3) tribes, would be on each side of the tabernacle (picture below). A lot of surprising features turned up about this tabernacle if you study the Bible through God’s lens. It’s the kind of revelations that blows the human mind.



God was with them


Amazingly, a powerful image which later occurred in human history was obvious in the design formed by these people and His tabernacle or the Model of life.


 The Emblem of the Cross 



Incredibly, the design forms a man (a 3-dimensional image or tabernacle) hanging in the middle of the cross in the same desert (see picture above).

So then, as the generations of the Jews came to pass, God who hid Himself in Jesus died on a cross for the whole world and the Jews as well, outside the camp of the Jews in a desert land, to fulfill His prophetic imagery. According to the Spirit, He died, and was buried, and after 3 days, God being the temple resurrected.

That was why Jesus said He was the temple of life, to be resurrected after 3 days.

Indeed, God (through Jesus) went there for all of us (for the whole world). He carried our sins and sorrows to the clutches of death, to replace us. What happened? He was taken captive on our behalf so that we might not taste death, and the penalties of darkness.

He who created the world’s was the same who died for us; He did this, hat we might be free from this clutches of the devil, from the powers of negative energies (our human stubbornness) and from the devil’s consistent dominion over us, and all economic situations upon earth.

After 3 days, His suffering on our behalf was over. He had paid the price in full. Then He resurrected from both spiritual and physical death, redeeming us (the world, both Jews and Gentiles) along with Him. Praise Him forever. God had carried our crosses though He was the one who built the furthest heavens (Universe).

On what He did for each one of us, He meant to say that when He suffered, we all suffered with Him, when He died we all died together with Him, when He paid the price, we all paid our prices in Him, and when He had resurrected back into Glory, we also spiritually resurrected into our initial Glory with Him, a Glory before the Universe was made. There is absolutely no condemnation to anyone in this world, except for us who are not open to believe in the work of God’s cross and openly or secretly reject His offer. After, sacrificing Himself on the Altar of the cross, in the glare view of about 40 men, He ascended on high, going beyond this Universe to pre-occupy Heaven’s throne of Grace, of favour and of Mercy, which now we have all become beneficiaries of, if we seriously repent to accept the Call from Him.

Through prayer, He would seek to destroy the effects of the old Sin nature upon our lives including physical death, poverty and every known addiction right through the Holy Spirit of Promise. As a result we also, who formerly were sinners, have today been occupied by His glorious Spirit! Amen! Hence, through this good deed of God, (The Good News), our relationship with God has been restored.

He rescued our souls and established a new Covenant with us, and He signed and stamped the Covenant with His Godly Blood-the blood, which also, He had revealed on Jupiter! We are to be reasoning together with Him again, as we had with Him in Adam, before the Powers of Sin and Death took over our heart to heart relationship with Him. So we all need to return back to Him because the price for our complete redemption has been paid and an open Door (the tearing of the Veil of the Most Holy Place) to His throne room has also been widely open unto us, yet for a season, until the time of final judgment.

In that day, a new Heaven and a new Earth would be created according God’s idea, with that same Tabernacle Model. Of a truth, He who has the Power and the Model shall do it again! But no drunkard, gambler, sexual immoral, fornicator, fraudster, sexually perverse, stingy person, wicked-minded person, insolent person, idol worshiper, disobedient child, prostitute, unbeliever, slander, abusive, incorrigible person, truce breaker, robber, cruel or corrupt judge, pretender, carnal person, religious person, unclean, unrighteous, un-churched, adulterer, thief, drug addict and many who break all what God calls Sin (bad and negative energies) would be allowed a second chance to go there to pollute that universe and that Earth again.

If not they shall pollute God’s new coming Universe with the same character, mindset and bad hearts. Hence, I do not bother myself too much about my estate here, but I would certainly bother about my state and estate there, which according to Him, is a final and an everlasting universe He would create for mankind; and He Himself will be there to celebrate with us our victories for being simply obedient and making it there. Hence, as many as want can justify their inclusion by believing in on Him, and utterly accepting His salvation works, His redeeming Price (being the Blood), and using it to pay for their soul’s price, out of the Devils spiritual store and Sin’s clutches, before it’s too late to save themselves.

For there are too many who are in the Devil’s camp (hell) forever, just for not paying for their sins, because they did not believe nor took Him seriously at His simple truth and price paying works. They were people who only took the universe, and thought only of how to enjoy it, and make fun of it here, every day because they believed it was created by Chance.

As for the heavens you see now, and the platform you sit on it shall be destroyed utterly with fire, because He is the God of fire, and so plays with fire at all times. According to Him He would destroy world with the sinners thereof upon it, because by then He shall show mercy no more, and every secret hidden in the heart shall be opened like a book, to the glare view of all. These are simply the Bible’s messages written with God’s own pen.

It has been more than 2000 years, and people still don’t believe. Oh no! They die and go to hell to pay eternally for the price which had already been paid in full on their behalf, by the God and Maker of this universe, which He had filled with His Glory. Hence, it is the heinous plan of the Devil to blind, kill, steal and destroy as many human being of every generation before they get to know what had gone on 2000 years ago on their behalf. Yet, the price was pre-paid before we stepped into the Universe. God wanting us to re-enjoy Eden (Paradise) paid the price before we were born on Earth, we do not need to endure any longer when we are born on the Earth, which He had created with His model for us to enjoy.


Our Heaven’s responded to His Sorrow




 Merciless Beatings to Death


God hiding as Jesus hanged on the cross for the Whole World; the  same image was for shadowed in the wilderness, thousands of years before He came. Secondly, it is really of great surprise that in the day that God died for mankind, both blood and water came out from His body (being the Outer Court of His body), signifying that He was the same Tabernacle from Heaven, which Moses was given a view of. He was the same Spirit Moses saw as the fire God. But He came not with fire, but humbly, putting on a human flesh. The Bible stated that:

Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood (blood on Alter of Sacrifice) and water (water of brazen laver).

John 19:34 NIV

Water and Blood gushed out from God’s Outer Court, that is, His body. Therefore, if He was the model Moses saw in Heaven, then God Himself, though a Spirit is a 3 dimensional being, having a Celestial Body, a Soul and Spirit (heart), since humans were also designed according to His Glory, which the structure of the tabernacle!


So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Gen 1:27 NIV

He said to these Apostles that He was both God and also Man, who lived beyond the dark matter of the universe or ‘Earth.’The name Heaven, mean fine matter or purity (+), while ‘Earth’ mean coarse matter or impurity (-). However, the balance of these two (+) and (-) realms fully combine to form the whole Kingdom of God from Heaven down to Earth, where we are. He created them both together because His kingdom would be perfect through the balance of two charges, Heaven (+) and Earth (-), and not through one charge. God could not have created Heaven without creating Earth or vice versa. The two should come together simultaneously, to balance each other, in order to create the right measurements, needed for perfect life and light generation.

He is the Design and Grand Designer

This also means He was the same secret Tabernacle through which the universe, the planets, mankind and every other thing on earth and in the heavens have had their life! This is a great mystery.  No wonder God spoke through his servant David again, saying.

The heavens (universe) declare the glory (tabernacle model) of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, night to night reveals knowledge.

Psalm 19:1:1-2 The Gid.

Apart from the Apostle Paul who revealed that God was the Tabernacle, Apostle John also said it was through God that all things were made, both visible and invisible.

 Through him (who is the living Tabernacle) all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

John 1:1-4 NIV

I think this was why the Jews and so many people don’t think Jesus is God. People were expecting to see God in a glorious manner than how He came to the Earth. Was He not just coming to pay and be beaten for sins He did not commit and to restore all of us back? Was it necessary for Him to come in a 3 piece suit, or to come in a tuxedo? This tabernacle truly reveals that we were created according God’s image and likeness (His Glory) because He was the same Tabernacle in Moses’ day. He Himself is both the Design (the Model) and the Designer of the Universe.


And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.”

Hence, for me, we are almost there in safety mode.  No more in search of Grand Designs or Grand Theories, who we are, where are we from, how life was designed, or whether life came by the Big Bang or Chance. Rather, these can be the questions:

  1. Who is this kind of God who comes in slowly and then vanishes away?
  2. Why is He often hiding Himself?
  3. Why did He decide to create Time and we with His Glory, the Tabernacle?
  4. Who was He before Time began?
  5. And why does He seek to save us so much from the Power of Sin and Death?

I am well convinced that the answers can still be acquired from this same ‘primitive’ resourceful material, ‘the Bible.’ It is where we’ve come to discover amazing modern feats on ‘Science, Religion, Astronomy, Astrology, Geology, Psychology, Philosophy, and pure History on the Universe.’ As though that was enough, we would be learning God’s knowledge on world Geography and Economics. I believe that, God will also be willingly to give us greater understanding of these mysteries according to His own love, which He demonstrated, by pondering over us deeply, and making us to be the highest of all of His creations.

Prince Akogo


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