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When Moses & Elijah Visited Me

 When Moses & Elijah Visited Me


In 2006, I remember I saw Elijah and Moses in a sort of dream. God gave me a privilege to see Moses and Elijah in a dream and I can still remember it till now.

But this was how it had all happened:

That night, I was deeply asleep. All of a sudden, I saw in the Sky or in Mid-air, Elijah and Moses watching down or looking down at me.

It looked the same way as to how Moses and Elijah had appeared onto Jesus Christ, right there in the Mount of Transfiguration, around the time the Lord Jesus was about to visit the cross.

They were looking at me for a very long time. Then, all of a sudden, Moses was left alone in the skies as Elijah started descending from the skies in a haste to the ground, which was towards where I was lying down inside my room.

When he had gotten closer to my bedside, I saw Elijah stretching forth his hands towards me. He touched and hit my chest while I was on the bed. However, Elijah said something profound about my ministry which I have not been given the permission to disclose it here.

When He had said those words to me, I then realized that the hand that he had used in touching me was full of fire. This fire of Elijah’s hands went straight down into my heart and it burnt my chest; it straight into my heart and into my soul.

I noticed that this fire was still burning inside of me later on, even when I woke up and the encounter was over. I could literally feel the power of his fire, even when I woke up that day.

This  was how I got this encounter with Elijah, and with Moses by his side, on that faithful day.

Later on, the Lord had told me that it was a Great Anointing He had deposited into me. However, this particular encounter preceded previous encounters where

  •  I saw the God of Heaven (in something like a trance or like a special kind of dream)
  • I saw the Holy Spirit too, with my naked eyes while praying.
  • And also meeting Jesus in an open vision (in which the Devil later appeared)

When I met God the Father, He gave me a golden book which He had taken from His Bosom, in which later, the Spirit of the Lord said to me that, that Book contained The Mysteries and Secrets of God.

After that encounter, He instructed me to write down those Mysteries and Secrets for the Church and the world’s acknowledgement.

Below are a few of the list of God’s Mysteries and Secrets;


A) The Origin of God (To show Where God came from).

B) God reveals His Glory in the Tabernacle. (Do you know how God looks like? This is to show how God the Father looks like in person-In and Out on His Throne).(This post is Highly recommended

C) The Source of God’s Intelligence: God reveals the Glory of His Intelligence (The Mystery of Where God got Intelligence).

D) God has revealed His Glory in the Earth’s Geological Structure (God showed me how He designed the Earth (the Globe), in the Mystery of Creation.

E) God reveals His Glory in the Earth’s Geographical Economy (How He had designed the Earth, with His Master-plan, to feed the whole World).

F) How the Universe reveres My Glory: God reveals (This post talks about the Mystery of how God designed and created the Universe. It’s about the Mystery of Creation, which Paul had secretly talked about)

G) The Evidence of God’s Involvement in the Creation of the Universe-(To get your Doubts crushed)

H) How Something Came out of Nothing (What made life possible, when Nothing was in Existence. God gave this great revelation to me)

I) The Origin of Hell: Scientific Reasons why Hell exists as a place of Spiritual Death and Darkness. (Where Hell came from, and why Hell is full of darkness and spiritual death)

J) Wisdom to Solve the World’s Problems: God Reveals (Part 2) (Highly recommended)

K) The Mystery of Marriage: (To solve Individual, Marital, Social and Political Issues of the current day of the World) (This Post is Highly Recommended)

L) Wisdom to Solve the World’s Problems (Part 3)

M) Solving the Major and Minor Problems of the World (Part 4)

N) How to Come out of Financial & Economic troubles: God Reveals (fully updated). (The Beginning of things to do to come out of Financial and Economic Troubles).

O) Letters to the Church (Part3): (Letters from Christ to help bring Revival/reformations in the body of the Church).

P) The Origin of the Name ‘Jesus’ (Where God (The Trinity got the Name of Jesus from, before Time had begun).

Q) Why We are Here: How God divided the Earth into Continents

R) God reveals His Glory in Man (How God designed and created Man (Us)

S) How Time was in existence before the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars were created by God.-the Lord reveals

And many, much more… Now, they are available and you can read them here on this website or from the books I have written, to know what the Lord had revealed for our world’s acknowledgement.

Finally, we should know that when God brings about a secret or a mystery, its purpose is not just to inform us, but to solve a particular issue. Therefore, we must understand them and use them to our utmost benefit.

May the Lord’s name be glorified.

Prince Akogo.


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