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How I saw Jesus and He Gave Me A Key, A Crown and A Throne

My Spiritual Encounters


How I saw Jesus and He Gave Me A Key, A Crown and A Throne

After my first encounter with God I decided to put myself into prayer to understand the calling that God had called me into. I then decided to put myself into an 8 hr dry prayer and fasting period. So, on one of the days I located a Prayer Ground near the Achimota forest and put myself into an 8 hr non-stop fasting and prayers!

While on my 6th hr of prayer something dramatic happened. (By that time I was very tired and was thirsty and yes-was very worn-out from the very long prayers!) While holding my prayer staff, all of a sudden I saw the heavens open unto me. I could see it in the clouds!

But this wasn’t a dream. It was a vision yet my eyes were never closed. The Spirit of God, who was in me could make me see it without making my eyes closed-An Open Vision.

So what did I see after that?

It was something, like a giant golden key coming down from Heaven. Whiles my eyes were still on I saw a Giant Golden key coming down from the opened heavens unto me. I saw it coming down slowly and slowly, and slowly,-through the clouds and through the thin air and atmosphere!

I noticed it was coming down straight at me, so I stretched my arms and then opened my hands and the key which God was giving me from heaven fell into my hands-yes, directly into my palm!

Then immediately I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Anything you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven and anything you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven!’

And the Lord told me, ‘With this key you can open any door in heaven; yes, you can open any door of the Kingdom.’

Yeah, I was so happy and I was so glad that God had told me that, ‘I could open his doors and close his doors-absolutely any door that I wanted! ’ That was an unstoppable grace I had!’

At least, my prayers had been more than answered, and my prayers had not been in vain!

Then, when the voice had finished speaking and the drama was all over, I found a seat made with wood in the corner of the camp. It was a seat made for people to sit down in this camp, in the course of prayer!

When I thought all this was over, another dramatic experience happened again-but this time, it was when I was sitting down on this chair!

In what was like another, or a second opened vision unto me I saw the heavens open unto me, yes, unto me a second time! Yes, this time round I saw Jesus. I could remember this vision even today!

He was in heaven, shining gloriously!

And by His side was a Giant Golden Throne! It was very beautiful indeed. It was very ‘precious’ and was so nice!

But then, I saw something else: in Jesus’ hands, was a Large Crown! It was also very beautiful, and golden! It was decorated with precious minerals! It was very great!

Then I heard the Lord saying again unto me, ‘These are your crown and throne meant for you in heaven!’

Then, I saw Jesus Christ putting the crown upon me. Then He said, ‘If you overcome I will give you this crown, and your throne by my side!’


So here I was:

  1. God (The father Himself) had given me His Golden Book of His Secrets and Mysteries-which He took out of Himself-in that encounter I met the Father!
  2. And Jesus Christ had shown me ‘My Golden Crown and My Golden Seat’ which I was supposed to overcome and sit on!
  3. And then too, the Holy Spirit-anointing me with the Seven-Spirits of God-which I explained in my first encounter! (And now all the three (the Trinity), had given me something out of themselves, or in their hands!
  4. Moreover, a Golden Key of the entire Kingdom-‘To shut and close each and every door of the entire Kingdom; to bind and to loose everything that I wanted upon this earth-and it shall be closed or shall be opened unto me.’

They were an overflowing grace from the Father, the Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus Christ!

Satan Appeared!

Now, immediately that ‘vision’ was over I was then overjoyed, that though I had not finished my prayers God had given me these gifts and divine privileges of grace!

Yeah, though I was very tired or exhausted, He had not made my prayers go in vain!

Then I stood up and began to pray with more energy now, thanking the Lord and Master!

A few minutes after that encounter, whiles I was praying and thanking the Lord something told me to turn, and look back!

That was the tallest and the darkest figure I’d ever seen in my life.

It was quite huge and tall; and then scary, taller than the camp. It was the devil!

He was sitting or standing (can’t tell) at the place I was sitting (the very same chair made with wood I had gone to sit on-yes,  the place the Lord showed me the Crown and My Golden Throne!

And here, was an open vision too and I could see the devil there clearly with my eyes!’

At first, I was afraid but the Lord strengthened me with His Spirit of Might!

Later, the Lord told me after that experience, ‘All around, He (Satan) was there witnessing and monitoring what the Father, the Son and the Spirit had given me-and as well knew about the Key God had also given me, to His kingdom!

He knew about this Golden Book, the Crown and the Throne, and the Key of His Kingdom and the Seven Spirits of God that had overshadowed me.’

It was then I knew that Satan will be there to witness everything that God gives you and will be tracking every bit of an inch of your movements and what you’re going to do with it!

Later, the Lord revealed to me some of ‘Satan’s strategic plans concerning our world and the Church for 2017, 2018 and beyond.’

Today, I can see what the Lord is doing strategically. Many think He’s asleep, but He’s not!

He commanded me to set up a website where He’ll now begin to speak to the Church and to the world through writings and these books that are here! (These are the revelations from His mystery book).

(Meanwhile, I kept all these secrets from my parents and from all my family as well because the Lord warned me then never to tell anyone until His appointed season).’

So afterwards, there were many other experiences which I will share with you since now the Lord has given me the go ahead to share them! I’ll share with you soon!

Yet, the following are some of the mysteries which God had unveiled to me from His Mystery Book which He took out of Himself in my first encounter!

  1. A) The Origin of God (To show Where God came from).
  2. B) God reveals His Glory in the Tabernacle. (Do you know how God looks like? This is to show how God the Father looks like in person-In and Out on His Throne).
  3. C) The Source of God’s Intelligence: God reveals the Glory of His Intelligence (The Mystery of Where God got Intelligence).
  4. D) How to Come out of Financial &Economic troubles: God Reveals (fully updated). (The Beginning of things to do to come out of Financial and Economic Troubles).
  5. E) Letters to the Church (Part3): (Letters from Christ to help bring Revival/reformations in the body of the Church).
  6. F) The Origin of the Name ‘Jesus’ (Where God (The Trinity got the Name of Jesus from, before Time had begun).
  7. G) The Origin of Hell: Scientific Reasons why Hell exists as a place of Spiritual Death and Darkness. (Where Hell came from, and why Hell is full of darkness and spiritual death).
  8. H) Wisdom to Solve the World’s Problems: God Reveals (Part 2)
  9. I) God has revealed His Glory in the Earth’s Geological Structure (God showed me how He designed the Earth (the Globe), in the Mystery of Creation.
  10. J) God reveals His Glory in the Earth’s Geographical Economy (How He had designed the Earth, with His Master-plan, to feed to feed, the whole World).
  11. K) The Mystery of Marriage: (To solve Individual, Marital, Social and Political Issues of the current day of the World)
  12. L) (Solving Political problems) Wisdom to Solve Worlds Political Problems: God reveals)
  13. M) How God had designed and created Heaven-coming soon!

And many much more…Now, they are available, and we can read them on my site here, which are to unveil to you what the Lord had said, and revealed for world-wide acknowledgement!

Finally, as I’ve always said we should know, that when God brings a secret or a mystery, it’s not just to inform but to solve a specific issue or problem, which is ongoing in the world in which we lack understanding!

Therefore, we must understand read them, for the benefit of ourselves!

May the Lord be with you!

Thanks, and God bless You.


Prince Akogo.

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