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The Mystery Of The Kingdom & Of Creation: Qualities Animals Try To Exhibit Onto Us

 Mysteries Of Creation: Qualities Animals Try To Exhibit To Us

(Voices Of The Animal Kingdom)

Lots of love:

According to the Lord of creation, each animal we find on earth was created to

Inhibit or exhibit a particular kind of emotion, character or quality, as though they are like human beings.

This post shows you the kind of quality each animal was created to exhibit to us on earth, of which some are evident in the characters of human beings in the human kingdoms. (Sometimes, in God’s biblical statements, He often uses these animals to represent a particular kind of behaviour, character or skill or quality, a person or a nation has. A number of these are often known amongst men.

For instance, when the Lord says somebody is a sheep, we know what it means. He is referring to someone who is a good listener, a disciple or an obedient follower.

A goat is used to represent a stubborn, unclean, lawless person, amongst the human kingdom.

Therefore, many of these (if not all), have their specific positive or negative qualities they were created to expose or to reveal.

Exposing the Mysteries of Creation, the Lord of creation explained to me some of the qualities some other animals were created to ‘teach’ or expose to us.


The Cat-Behaves Like They’re Holy In The Kingdom But A Big Thief. It’s Full Of Pretence-But Very Neat On The Outside. In The Same Way, That’s How Some People Are In Our kingdom.

Dogs-Sexually Immoral

Cheetah-The Fastest

The Goat-They’re Like The People Who Don’t Use Perfume In The Kingdom-Goats In General Are Very Stubborn. They Are Also The Type Who Do Not Like Taking Their Bath In The Animal Kingdom. Similarly, There Are Certain Humans Who Don’t Like Taking Their Bath

The Eagle-Another Great Military Spy Of The Animal Kingdom

The Parrot-The Parrots Are The Radio Presenters Of The Animal Kingdom. They’re The Journalists Because They Talk

Monkeys- As We Have Some Playful Ones In Our Kingdom, So We Have Some Playful Ones In Their Kingdom

The Chameleon: Just As Some Humans Are ‘Chameleons,’ So They Are; He’s A Crook! (He’s Deceptive & Pretentious)

The Lion Is The King Of The kingdom-Yes, They’re The kings, The Politicians, The MP’s; The Animals Of The Law Courts

The Lizards & Wall Geckos-They’re The Gossips & The Spies Just As Some Humans Are In The Human kingdom

The Ants: They’re The Great Counsellors Of The Animal Kingdom Or The Special Advisers; They’re Economic Planners And Are The Great Architects & Constructors Of the Kingdom As Some Humans Are, In Our Worlds; Also, The Ants Are The Great Employee/Workers Of The Animal Kingdom To Make Them Become Special Economic Advisers & Planners.

Fish-An Insider; And Also Happy

Fowls-Alarm Clocks For Everybody

The Snakes-Of Course The Cunning Ones In The kingdom Just As We See Some In Our Kingdom

The Praying Mantis-An Intercessor Of The Kingdom

The Crow-Filthy Priests; Just As Some Humans Are In Our Kingdom

The Spiders-The Seamstresses & The Tailors Of Their Kingdom

Snail-A Slow Worker & Very Annoying To Everyone

Each of those animals we see around or do not see, have certain qualities they exhibit to us which man can learn a lot of things from. However, it was God who decide to make them have and exhibit such qualities as part of what we need to behold in creation.

Prince Akogo.


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Prince Akogo
Prince Akogo
Prince Kafui, is a prophet, who God started revealing this insightful information to since He was called into ministry in the year 2006. We’re Glad You Came.


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