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‘‘Are There Aliens?” The Lord Answers

‘‘Are There Aliens?” The Lord Answers


‘‘Who created them? Where did they come from?’’ I asked the Spirit of the Lord this about this question (in regard to aliens), and these were the answers He gave me. He said to me ‘‘The earth (referring to the entire universe) was created and given to man; not aliens.


‘‘So, I never created them!’’ exclaimed by the Spirit of God. ”You live in a misinformed world,’’ He added and then explained further. According to the Holy Spirit (as He explained it further to me), this is just as saying that;

‘‘God Doesn’t Exist.’’ He claimed that, the same way they say that;

  • The universe came by Chance and not by God.
  • Thus, God does not exist-so they live either their free immoral or moral lives, without shear obedience.
  • Then again, that Evolution ”created’’ many of these things, to deny the story of creation or to indicate that God did not create them, is the same way they’ve come in with lies, that aliens, that is, Extra-Terrestrial Creations or Creatures exist with higher intelligence than man. (Meanwhile, we were told that God had created us men (humans), as the highest creatures, with the highest form of psychical intelligence, just because we were created first, in the image and likeness (functions) of God. Therefore, we were given the right and privileges to rule the earth and to govern, the entire universe.

Now, that means, if these creatures were in existence, and were higher than men, God would have made them or allowed them to lead-this is how much misinformation has filled the world-same as the other schools of thoughts or human assumptions, given to so many. This means that, speculations and human schools of thoughts are deceptions-therefore, leading to strong misinformation.

Then the Spirit of the Lord added, the one seen to create the cosmos, as far as the Bible is of concern, ”It will be better for men to stay within the boundaries of the truth, than to ignorantly hurt their souls, any longer.’’

‘‘I am saying this because, demons are capable of that-demons who can take advantage of right or wrong things we believe or do hear us news.’’

Hence, spiritually speaking, we can have a demon who can transform himself into such kinds of creatures, to deceive and perfect the idea, just so that they can drift further away from God’s good wisdom.

It’s been happening-it’s happening, even today!

There are no aliens; no creatures greater than men-be careful what you believe.

Prince Akogo.


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