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Are Mermaids Real?: God Answers

Are Mermaids Real?: God Answers


Are there mermaids?

‘‘Certainly not!’’ said the Holy Spirit to me.

‘‘There are no such things as mermaids, depicted as humans with fish-like bodies,’ He continued. He said that, from the beginning (from the Book of Genesis), God said He had created man (both male and female) after His (God’s image and likeness; we saw that in the Book of Beginnings, there was only one type of human beings that were created, according to God’s Image and Likeness.

That man only walked on earth, but was never made to live in water like a fish. God who had created that only type of human being, according to His Image and Likeness,

  1. Never lived in water
  2. Nor had had a body like that of a fish or whale, so why should they? In short, why should any man created as per what the scripture had declared have any body parts, totally different from God’s Image and Likness, as well as live in places God wouldn’t live? The secret is, according to God, Satan and His forces, who try to destroy the image and likeness of God, have ‘created’ spirits to live in the water bodies around in order to deceive many men, as though these types of ‘alien’ creatures exists. However, these are no biological fishes, but spirits. The same forces who live in the underworld, are the same forces who go into these water bodies.

It’s important that children and adults are not brought to the knowledge of these non-human forces.


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